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This set is specially design for the use in mahjong games.


These gold edition clay composite chips are our most popular model of poker chips. The bright colours and the clear denomination ensure that each poker chips are different from each other.


The gold trimming on the borders completes the beauty of this poker chip.


Price Quoted in Singapore Dollar


Delivery within singapore is $3.50


(For Mahjong) 100 Monte Carlo Gold Edition Chip Set

  • Each Player :

    $1 x 10pcs

    $5 x 2pcs

    $10x 8pcs

    $50 x 2pcs

    $100 x 3pc

    Total Value for each player : $500



  • Total amount of chips as follows:

    $1 x 40pcs

    $5 x 8pcs

    $10 x 32pcs

    $50 x 8pcs

    $100 x 12pcs

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