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Casino Table / Equipment Rental


Casino Table / Equipment Rental at reasonable rates in Singapore

We provide casino equipment table rental in singapore at reasonable rates for your casino night / las vegas theme party.

Casino theme party and events has been becoming very popular in singapore, malaysia, casino theme party is a very good way of a pre event or even as main event to get people let down their barriers and start to let loose. 


  • Casino tables rental in Singapore for events can be very costly event, As they are always very big in size and thus cost a lot to purchase/ship/store and transport them and therefore passing the cost to the user.

  • Here at Youbet, we came up with a solution, we made a smaller version of them without sacrificing the looks and feel of the tables and with all that savings from storage/shipping, we pass them to our users. 

Currently we have the following packages for rental: (Include full gaming accessories)


1) Roulette Table Package 

  • Roulette Table

  • 18" Deluxe Roulette Wheel

  • Winner Marker

  • Gaming Rake

2) Poker Table Package 

  • Poker Table

  • 2 Decks Playing Cards

  • Dealer Button

  • Electric Card Shuffler

3) Da Xiao(Sic Bo) Table Package 

  • Da Xiao (Sic Bo) Table

  • Wooden Dice Shaker

  • 2 Set of Dice (3 dice each)

4) Baccarat Table Package 

  • Baccarat Table

  • Player / Banker Winner Button

  • 8 decks of cards

  • Electric Card Shuffler

  • Card Shoe

  • Card Discard Holder

5) Black Jack Table Package

  • Black Jack Table

  • Electric Card Shuffler

  • 8 decks of paper playing cards

  • Card Shoe

  • Card Discard Holder 

6) Gaming Chips Rental 

We provide various kinds of chips suited for all types of event. 

** Professional Casino Table Equipment Rental at reasonable rates **


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** Rental of equipements are for legal events only, we do not rent or should be held responsible for any events that are not legal **

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