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The 12g Lucky Bee chips are our most popular non - denominated chips. The Lucky bee is a upgrade from the very common strip dice chips. 

Famous for it "bee" design, Lucky Bee chips have fantastic colors, nice edge spots, and the 8 lucky bee's circling the perimeter are similar to the mold designs you'll see on real casino chips. 


Great chips for anyone who wants chips without denominations but do not want the very common strip dice chips

500 Lucky Bee Poker Chips

  • Standard Chips Set comes in : 


    - White : 150 pcs

    - Red : 150 pcs

    - Green : 100 pcs

    - Purple : 50 pcs

    - Blue : 50 pcs



    - aluminium poker case (Black)

    - 2 decks of cards

    - 5 red dice

    - 1 dealer button

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