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These are beautiful chips, with a incredible feel, adding to the great touch are the embossed side skirting of the chips.

In our opinion, One of the best Poker Chips come through our stores !

It now comes in our all new Gold Poker Chip Case

Price Quoted in Singapore Dollar

300 Las Vegas Gold Edition Set (Gold Case)

  • Standard Denomination as follows:

    $1 x 100 pcs (White)

    $5 x 50 pcs (Red)

    $25 x 50 pcs (Green)

    $100 x 50 pcs (Black)

    Please contact us if you wish to customized your denomination.  

  • This Poker Chip Set Comes with:

    - Gold Poker Chip Case

    - 2 Decks of Cards

    - 5 Red Dice

    - Dealer Button

    - 300 Poker Chips

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