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Copag have long been known for their extremely high quality and long lasting poker playing cards. This set of poker chip, is from the same maker. 

Featuring 300 high quality poker chips, this set is suitable for someone who wants a high quailty set of branded poker chips, it comes in a exquisite wooden box, with a copag gold plated dealer button.

Price quoted is in USD

300 Copag Poker Chip Set

  • Material: Clay Composite

    Weight: 14g

    Diameter: 40mm

    Denomination: Yes

  • Poker Set comes with the following:

    - 300 x Poker Chips

    - 1 Gold Plated Copag Dealer Button

    - 1 deck of Copag 100% Plastic Cards

    - Wooden casing with copag logo

    - Texas Holde'em Poker game rules


    Demoninations comes in the following format:

    (For customized Set, Please contact us)

    $5 : 100 pieces

    $25 : 75 pieces

    $50 : 50 pieces

    $500 : 25 pieces

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